About Me

Where am I going to end up after the next few years? Who Knows!


Hi guys, I’m Thomas, 21 originally from the UK. I’ve lived just outside of London for most of my life in Buckinghamshire county. Last year I basically decided to pack my bags and leave home for a bit, I had no real plans apart from where I was going. My first stop was Tokyo – which was, at the time, absolutely terrifying – where I spent just under 3 weeks. I had the most amazing time, even with speaking very little, if not any of the language. It was a real culture shock for me and it definitely wasn’t easy. The hardest thing I found was ordering food and drinks in restaurants, theres only so much you can act out! I could talk about Tokyo for days though, and I will be, so my next stop was Australia, where I spent the year on a working holiday visa. This year was a real turning point in my life, without sounding like too much of a massive cliche but I really did change so much. My experience ranged from a road-trip through the East Coast (Sydney to Brisbane to Melbourne) to spending 5 months working in the Birdsville Hotel in the Outback. The things I did and the people I met really inspired me to continue travelling and really get out there. Over the next few years I will be based in Canada where I will be travelling around and working, whilst taking trips down into the USA. After this my plan is too save enough money to visit South East Asia for a few months. Where am I going to end up after the next few years? Who Knows! I also got really into my photography and my writing, which I will be sharing with you guys as we head forward. Lastly, I’ve been working in kitchens now for nearly 6 years and have discovered a real passion for food. I will be posting great recipes for cheap, tasty meals good for travellers and people on a budget.