“A Haven For The Outdoor Enthusiast”

Emerald Lake Lodge


We might of just landed the best jobs we’ve had yet. Soon we’ll be starting work at the amazing Emerald Lake Lodge in BC. As it is situated amongst the Canadian Rockies and surrounded by a stunning lake, for a nature nut like myself, it could be a dream come true. On days off we will be kayaking across the emerald water or hiking throughout the Yoho National Park, which doesn’t sound too shabby does it? Really am thinking of grabbing a GoPro – after a few pay cheques – as I feel there is potential to get some awesome footage. We will be there hopefully for 6 months and as it’s described online as a “A Haven For The Outdoor Enthusiast” I recon it will 6 months well spent!

It’s quite a remote place, with little to no cell reception and apparently a really temperamental WiFi, but this is a good thing. It will be nice to sort of disconnect from the internet for a bit, kinda go back to basics!

Not only is it a beautiful place but I’m really looking forward to working with an amazing group of people. I’m hoping that I can learn a lot from the Chef’s there and really improve my cooking skills. I love meeting new people and as we will all be living together I’m sure it’s a really closely knit team.

Most of all I’m excited to get some structure and routine back to life. Ive missed working, and mixing that with the abundance of outdoor activities we’ll b getting up too, I really think we’ve hit the jackpot here! Fingers crossed it’s as great as I want to be!




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