My Trip into London!

Last week I spent 3 days in London city for my girlfriends birthday. We had such a good time, went to the West End to see ‘Dreamgirls’ which was an amazing night out. The show is top class, I would recommend it and I would most definitely go again. I love going into London, its always a good time. We left for the city on Thursday afternoon last week and got back on Saturday for my brothers, everyones birthday seems to be happening at once!

Where We Stayed?

I live at the end of the Metropolitan line so the journey for us was pretty easy. We had to change line at Kings Cross to get to South Kensington station. The area was beautiful. Filled with loads of big, old English buildings and flooded with little coffee shops and plenty of nice places to eat. We were staying at the Gainsborough Hotel, it was a lovely hotel. It had an old, Victorian style decor throughout the hotel. The room we got was really cool, it seemed to be tucked away, far from the other rooms for some reason. It was a tad bit small but there was an en suite bathroom and the room was very cosy! Out the window we noticed a basketball court. We then soon realised that it was a playground and there was a school right outside, however we weren’t in the room at all during the daytime so it was fine! The only negative was the price of breakfast, other than that the service was great and we were very impressed!IMG_0898

What We Did?

The main point of our trip was to see Dreamgirls at the Savoy Theatre. We bought a bottle of gin so we could have a couple of drinks whilst we got ready. Well, we could have some drinks whilst I waited for my girlfriend to get ready. Anyway, after an hour or so we had a short walk to the station and an equally short journey to Covent Garden. It was a nice night weather wise, it was still cold mind but the skies were clear and the city was buzzing. It really did remind me of why I love London so much. We went for a hunt down the street for a nice bar close to the theatre but couldn’t really find one, which was strange. We ended up heading into an Italian restaurant across the road called “Salieri”. As we walked in I noticed a huge, dazzling chandelier… I knew we had made a mistake. We sat down and asked for two gin & tonics. They bought us a bowl of crisps as we weren’t eating. It was a beautiful restaurant, the seats had a great design. There was a theatrical design throughout, the seats had a print of an old style theatre crowd. It was cool. Anyway, I asked for the bill and it had come to £25… for 2 drinks?! Oh well, when in Rome! After that we went to the theatre to grab out tickets and headed up to our seats. We were sat on the upper circle right at the front. If you are short the seats probably wouldn’t of been the best as theres a metal bar right in front of your eyes, however, we are both quite tall so were alright. The show itself was phenomenal. The songs were great, the acting was amazing, the sets and lighting were my favourite though. From start to finish the costumes were sparkling in the lights, the sets made you feel like you were at a concert! It was a great night.

The day after we decided to go to the Science Museum not far from our hotel. We were going to go to the History Museum but the queue was huge and it was too cold, we didn’t fancy standing still for an hour. I think it was a blessing in disguise though, we had a great time at the Science Museum. We spent about half an hour on every floor. The first floor is more historical science, so for example, the first man on space and the history of engines. As you progress up the floors it becomes more and more interactive. Our favourite part was the computers you could sit on called “My Body”. You could choose different categories and find out what makes you, yourself. It was really fun. After this we thought we could manage the walk all the way to Camden markets. Another big mistake. We had got not even half way and it had been about an hour. We didn’t want to jump in a taxi but it was starting to rain and no one wants to trek across London in the cold and wet. So we called over the nearest black cab and made our way to Camden. I hadn’t been to the markets in a while and it was great to show my girlfriend them. I love how theres every type of person in Camden, it doesn’t matter what you’re into, theres something for you there! We didn’t actually buy anything we just walked around for a couple of hours. Whenever I thought I knew where we were, we walked around the corner into a brand new place. It was awesome! There was so many retro & vintage shops which took up quite a lot of our time, looking through rail after rail seeing if anything tickled our fancy. I had remembered about Cyberdog, an alternative rave shop, which was somewhere in the markets. You couldn’t miss it really, two huge robots outside. I got really excited when we found it and we quickly got ourselves in there. An array of bright, neon coloured lights and thumping music greeted us. It was like walking through a spaceship. Everything looked so enticing, it was just wave after wave of colour. There was one room with ultraviolet lights. All the designs on the shirts in there seemed to be putting a neon light display for us, it was great fun. After hours of browsing we decided a quick coffee wouldn’t go a miss. We found a nice little place just outside the markets where we sat for a little bit just before our dinner reservation.

Shaka Zulu

For Christmas my Uncle had got me a voucher for a dinner & cocktail for two at Shaka Zulu in Camden. Its a widely renowned restaurant in the centre of the markets which doubles as a club over the night.The place was huge. I think they can accommodate for 850 people at max capacity, which is massive. There was two floors with a kitchen and bar on each floor. An elaborate African theme was a sight to behold as we went down the elevator to get in. The walls had carvings all over – some totems and some African animals. The elephants came to life under the lights above them. Even the tables and chairs looked like part of the decor. Every last detail was thought off and it really did look the part. We were taken to our table and given a special menu to use with our voucher. To start I got the peri-peri chicken wings. Usually peri-peri is the same wherever you go but this was very very good. The chicken was succulent and it was much spicier than usual. As a main I got the grilled sea bream on a potato and cabbage salad. It wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever had but I would definitely go back. The fish was great, it felt like it melted in my mouth. My girlfriend had the vegetarian curry, which was delightful. It was a chickpea curry with a nice little kick behind it. For a simple dish it was delicious. I think that the atmosphere in the restaurant just beats the actual dining side of it. I feel like I would rather go there for a good night out rather than for a good meal. Nevertheless, I will definitely be going there again and would definitely recommend to anyone in the area!

Next stop for us is visiting the country side! I love the city but the English country is one of a kind. Praying that the weather is kind to us next week!

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