Who, What, When, Where & Why?

Hi guys! I’m Thomas, 21 from the UK – just outside of London city. I’ve just returned home from a year long journey where I spent 3 weeks in Japan and then begun my working holiday in Australia – which was awesome, I wish I could go back. I also have just got my visa accepted for Canada which I will be travelling around for the next 2 years with some friends I met down under and my girlfriend. Too make my money I’ve been cooking since around the age of 16, I’m into my photography and I love to write which is why i woke up this morning and decided to start a blog where I can throw in a bit of everything. I’ll be posting regular updates of my trip and my photography, along with some ideas for good meals on a budget and just any advice for first time travellers – not that I’m super experienced but I’m sure i could help someone out there! Im super excited for the next part of my journey and look forward to sharing it with you!



  1. TOM! why didn’t I know about this earlier? I’m absolutely loving all the posts. Nearly cried a couple of times, yikes. And the photos are so much better here. Probably because I’m on my desktop so they are bigger. (I sat down to do bookwork but instead have been reading your whole site!) Now I am getting a bigger picture of your travels and am so thrilled for you both. Keep it coming. You might just inspire me to get back to my own WordPress account and do something with it. xxx


  2. CHELLEY! I just kinda started it for fun wasn’t sure if I’d keep it up but I’m loving it! I’m glad you’re enjoying them, my first fan 😝 do it! Looking forward to reading your work!xxx


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